Real time streaming market data and trading functionality over the internet.

Caplin Liberator is a financial Internet hub that delivers data and messages to and from subscribers over any network, tunnelling automatically through proxy servers and firewalls.

It provides a complete connectivity and subscription management system for streaming market data and trade messages over intranets, extranets and the Internet. It is capable of handling tens of thousands of concurrent users at high message rates with low, deterministic latency. It provides transparent tunnelling of RTTP through HTTP and HTTPS supporting a variety of connection types including websockets, forever-frame, XHR and fallback to long-polling. It features a high performance publishing engine capable of delivering millions of updates per second from a single server.


Caplin Liberator is supplied with a browser-based monitoring function that displays status information on a web page.

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Comprehensive user guides for Caplin Liberator and its associated software are available in PDF format for downloading or viewing in your browser.

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Caplin Liberator is supplied with a diagnostics page that can help diagnose the cause of issues clients may be experiencing.

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Caplin Liberator is supplied with examples that use StreamLink JS, a JavaScript API for native webapps to communicate with Liberator

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